Saturday, September 26, 2009

SMM At Work (Oct Series)

Price : RM 34
Description : Confident and stylish
look at work
Length : 56 cm
Pit-to-Pit : 43 cm
Around armhole : 44 cm

Price : RM 32
Description : Ideal stylish formal wear skirt
at work
Colour : Dark Grey (left pic), Light Grey (right pic)
Sizes : S for Dark Grey, M for Light Grey
Measurement for S size (Dark Grey)
Around waist : 70.5 cm
Length : 44.5 cm

Measurement for M size (Light Grey)
Around waist : 74 cm
Length : 44.5 cm

Sizes : S only
Around waist : 69 cm
Length : 44 cm

Sizes : S, M
Measurement for S size
Around waist : 71 cm
Length : 46.5 cm

Measurement for M size
Around waist : 74.5 cm
Length : 48 cm

Friday, September 18, 2009

September Updates from SMM

Hi gals, it has been a hectic Aug and Sept month for SMM. With H1N1 where we try to avoid travelling, after that we go on shopping again for new items to be added to your closet. :P Hope things have been going well to all of you gals. ;)

As you can see that we're posting our september series items ;) we're trying to bring in new things, changing the way we display our items here and there and the information we provide for our items, hopefully that will give you better shopping experience with SMM. Somewhere in the end of september, we would hope to conduct a simple survey to help us to get to know more about your needs on fashion and style! With that we can provide satisfying service and at the same time fulfilling your needs on fashion! :)

Till our next updates...hope you enjoy shopping at Suay Mak Mak!


Coming Up Next...
* SMM at Work - Working need them, we believe? :P
* Girlie add to your shopping style
* Dress for wedding dinner...yea...we all need that!

If you would like us to give you updates, please add your email at "Keep Yourself Update" on the right column...we'll keep you posted! ;)

A little SMM Promotion...

We're having little promotion to all of our dearest customers! For any item that you purchase at SMM, you're entitled to get our sales items at extra discount (up to 50%) on top of our discounted price! :) It's half the price of the discounted price!

Check out to our SMM Sales items at :

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SMM At Work (Sept Series)

Ruffey Black - Sold Out

Ruffey White

Price : RM 36
Colours : Black, White
Description : Soft material.
Smocked back. Zip at the side.
Comfortable and descent look for work
Length : 83cm
Around Armhole : 49cm

Price : RM 28
Status : Sold Out
Description : Cotton material.
Length : 81cm
Around Armhole : 45cm

Fun Pants (Sept Series)

White (1 button) sold out

Price : RM 30
Colours : Black, Choc, White (1 button), White (3 buttons)
Description : Comfortable wearing
Around Waist : 84cm
Length : 30.5cm
Around Upper thigh : 57cm
Pants Rise : 20cm

Price : RM 28
Status : Sold Out
Description : Comfortable and cute
Around Waist : 79cm
Length : 23.5cm
Around Upper thigh : 54cm
Pants Rise : 16cm

Price : RM 28
Status : Sold Out
Description : Comfortable and cute
Around Waist : 76cm
Length : 26cm
Around Upper thigh : 52cm
Pants Rise : 17.6cm

Fun Tees (Sept Series)

Microbio, Mini Van (white) sold out

Price : RM 16
Description : Comfortable casual tees
Length : 62cm
Pit-to-pit : 40cm

Price : RM 16
Status : Sold Out
Description : Front and back with
the same printed design
Length : 60cm
Pit-to-pit : 42cm

Price : RM 16
Status : Sold Out
Description : Express the music
side of you! :)
Length : 58cm
Pit-to-pit : 40cm

Monday, August 3, 2009

Suay Mak Mak going to Bazaar!

Guess what...we're setting up our booth at Fashionista's Bazaar! Check out the banner for more info! ;)

Venue : 3K Inn, Subang Jaya
Date : 15th Aug 2009 (Sat)
Time : 11am - 7pm
Booth No : 5
Bazaar : Fashionista's Bazaar
Theme : All Your Wardrobe Needs

To check out more on Fashionista's Bazaar, do visit :

Fashionista's Bazaar!

Can't wait to c u gals there! ;)

Suay Mak Mak

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Suay Mak Clearance Sales is here!

Dear Suay Mak Mak customers,
It has been a wonderful 6 months since our store opened. It has been so great getting feedbacks and supports from all of you gals! :) So we decided that it is now time for our half-year "Suay Mak Clearance Sales" which we're giving discounts from 15%, 20%, 30% and 50% on selected items to everyone! Please click on the link below to shop for the discounted items~!

Suay Mak Sales!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Windflowers Black (Sold Out)
Another sweet dress especially for all of you
Colourful flower prints give the dress its unique design
Pair it with your bikini and flip-flop as beach wear! :)
Soft cotton for your comfy wearing.
Only 1 piece available for each colour/design

(Light yellow is shorter while black is longer)

Price : RM 40

Measurement :
Length (Yellow) : 65 cm
Length (Black) : 80 cm (Sold Out)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


The design is one-piece
Bottom part is stretchable
Wear it in your own style
Can wear it with leggings or jeans

Suggestion : Pin a small brooch to bring out the different look & feel. ;)

Price : RM 38

Measurement :
Length : 76cm
Bust Width (inner shirt) : 39cm
Width (bottom part / hip) : 42cm


Sweet blouse with striking yellow belt which is going to make you look stunning!
Comfortable cotton fabric which easy to iron :)

Price : RM 38

Measurement :
Length : 58 cm
Bust Width : 38 cm
(Suitable for S & M Size)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Black Bow (Sold Out)

Grey Bow
Available : 2 Reserved : 0 Sold : 0

V-Cut and loose fitting
Slip it on, tie up the big bow, then off you go for your shopping! ;)
Flare towards the bottom

Measurement :
Length : 71 cm
Bust Width : 46 cm
Sleeve Opening : 22 cm

Price : RM 33


Lavida (Sold Out)

Nice little blouse for your day out
Love the lady look
The design is definitely look striking
Loose fitting typye
Comfy wearing

Measurement :
Length : 57.5 cm
Bottom Part Width : 41 cm (after stretched)
Bottom Part Width : 34 cm (no stretch)
Sleeve Length : 26 cm (from shoulder)

Price : RM 33

Friday, May 22, 2009

Punk Rebel

Punky Princess - Sold

Punky Babe - Sold

Punky Funky - Sold

Strictly for Punk Lovers!
You're gonna love' em!
Get on this tee, your smoky eyes and flaunt the punky side of you!
(Only 1 piece for each design)

Size :
S size and M size punky lovers
Model's height - 158cm

Price : RM 34

Saturday, May 16, 2009


White (Sold)
Available : 0 | Reserved : 0
Available : 2 | Reserved : 0

Descent and fashionable!
Add to your wardrobe as your office wear
Notice the different design for white and black
Back and front is of the same printed design

Measurement :
Length : 82.5cm
Width : 40.5cm
Sleeve Opening : 21cm

Price : RM 40
(necklace is not included)

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